Who We Are

We are a family of hospitality-focused companies dedicated to creating the inspired moments that stay with guests and the defined details that enrich brands. For more than 30 years, we’ve guided developers, operators and brands in the creation of meaningful and rewarding hospitality experiences around the world.

Our companies possess a wide range of expertise, providing specialized services across the spectrum of hospitality and real estate needs: Ridgeline Development Partners, Gettys Branding, Gettys Interiors, Gettys One, Procurement and Gettys Blu.

Our Approach 

In all that we do, our mission remains the same. Whether we’re designing interiors for all tiers of the chain scale, directing program management for new developments, launching exciting brands or demystifying the procurement process—you can count on us to take a holistic approach, to make your guests feel great and, most importantly, to create real value.

We see projects through successful developments, renovations, and property improvements by embracing four important truths:

01 – Complexity doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Our expertise in a breadth of hospitality  design and development services gives us  unique perspective—a holistic view of a  multi-faceted process where we work best  when we work together.

02 – Our greatest power lies in recognizing hidden potential. 

Brands and environments must do more than look great; they should unlock creative new  ways for our clients to get the most out of  their investments. At every property, we seek out the untapped potential that’s waiting to  be transformed into revenue.

03 – The guest knows best. 

Hospitality is all about our guests, so our  process starts by understanding their needs and staying ahead of ever-shifting market trends. Discovering new ways for guests to fall in love  with hospitality brands is what drives us.

04 – When we feel great, we do great. 

Hospitality means making people feel their best. We take that seriously, ensuring that our team members, partners, suppliers, clients,  and our client’s guests and residents are taken care of at every step.

Some Brands We Work With

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