Unlocking Hospitality Value Through Branding

July 16, 2020



Michelle Finn
Vice President, Boutique Design Group


Matthew Goodrich
Founder & Principal, Good,Rich

Robert Habeeb
CEO, Maverick Hotels & Restaurants

Jenna Hackett
Global Head, Curio Collection and
Tapestry Collection by Hilton

Ron Swidler
Chief Innovation Officer, The Gettys Group Companies  

Metaphorically speaking, creating a meaningful and memorable hospitality experience is like staging a Broadway show:

  • The brand strategist is the playwright—conceptualizing the characters, story and even the set.
  • Interior designers and architects become the set designers—bringing the environment to life to support and enrich the story.
  • The hotel brand and operator act as producers—ensuring the quality of the production, promoting it and caring for the audience’s needs.

Each of these roles was represented in a July 14 conversation hosted by Boutique Design. This expert group—hospitality playwrights, set designers and producers—delved into differentiation through branding, storytelling’s role in hospitality success, and the relationship between branding, interior design and service.

Watch the Webinar

The Sable at Navy Pier—an upcoming Curio Collection Hotel in Chicago—is inspired by a United States Navy training vessel that docked at the pier during WWII. The hotel’s brand cleverly embraces its namesake’s heritage as site of take-offs and landings.





With a passion for pioneering innovative approaches to hospitality design, Ron identifies new strategic growth initiatives for The Gettys Group Companies family of companies. His vision led to the founding of Gettys ONE—our interior design group dedicated to branded hotels—and our branding group—where he led design and strategic thinking projects for boutique properties, large industry events and international brands. He is currently leading a new phase of the Hotel of Tomorrow® Project, aimed at addressing the new needs that have arisen for hospitality in 2020 through collaborative innovation.