The Hotel of Tomorrow® Project

Uniting to Imagine the Future of Hospitality

Organized by The Gettys Group Companies and Chief Innovation Officer, Ron Swidler, teams of hospitality experts collaborated to ideate, prototype, and test innovations for the near and more distant future of our industry.

The project began with workshops held between 2004 and 2006, which led to inventive solutions in floor and wall coverings, green walls and Aloft’s famous robotic butler, Botler. More than a workshop, Hotel of Tomorrow® was developed as a methodology—a fast-paced process of identifying design challenges, compiling research and inspiration, and collaboratively evaluating and elevating new ideas.

In 2020, we kicked off a reframed, virtual version of The Hotel of Tomorrow®—updated with the latest technology to fit our new remote reality, and focused on the challenges that have arisen for hospitality in the era of COVID-19—and hosted by Batterii’s CoCreation® Studio. The project included 325 industry professionals from over 100 hospitality-focused companies, and a valued group of partners, including: Phillips & Co., Global Allies, TrendWatching, Cornell University, Hilton, Marriott and Material ConneXion.

The successful collaboration has been featured in publications, webinars and podcasts including The New York Times Weekender, Forbes, Architectural Digest, Sleeper Magazine and more.

Outside In, Inside Out

Re-envisioning public areas, this concept mimics and integrates the outdoors within interior spaces to create passive entertainment and encourage gathering, creativity and enhance productivity.


Robot Alliance

A deconstructed food-and-beverage experience where robots with distinct purposes and personalities allow guests to drink and dine outside of a traditional restaurant or bar’s footprint.


Hotel Rover

A self-driving adventure vehicle that provides mobile hospitality on the road and at host hotels. The autonomous, electric vehicle is designed for comfort on the road.



An optimized sleep platform devised to control and monitor the restorative value of sleep and the guests’ regimens prior to sleep.


Journey Pebble

A digital, encrypted wearable that shares the guest’s preferences with the hotel to provide a seamless and personalized stay.