The Gettys Group Companies Bolsters Its Branding Agency With Two Key Hires



  • Mar 30, 2023


The Gettys Group Companies, a global design, development and procurement firm, announced today the addition of two key hires to their hospitality branding agency. Koren Nelson, an experienced multidisciplinary design director, and Jessica Cockerill, a seasoned marketing and client services manager, have been appointed to central roles at Gettys Branding, a specialized agency within The Gettys Group Companies that creates world-class, award-winning hospitality branding projects. Nelson will serve as the group’s Creative Director, guiding the agency’s work creating high-touch and high-design hospitality projects and products. Cockerill in the newly created position of Account Director will facilitate client management and serve as a liaison between internal teams and external partners.

“With the skillful leadership of Koren and Jess at the helm, Gettys Branding is further positioned to provide our clients with highly differentiated branding and positioning as well as exceptional service to achieve their goals,” said Ron Swidler, The Gettys Group Chief Innovation Officer and head of Gettys Branding. “Branding and interior design are
inextricably linked in the success of hotels. Investing in cohesive, thoughtful storytelling completely changes the guest and staff experience. With our strong branding and interior design teams under one roof, that collaboration makes for increased efficiencies and far superior end results.”

Nelson is a creative director and multi-disciplinary designer whose career spans more than 20 years working simultaneously in every aspect of branding, interior and product design. Her vast experiences collaborating with leading companies across the U.S., Europe and South Africa lend her projects a multicultural lens. Nelson’s work often considers and incorporates the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and she will contribute this expertise to the Gettys social impact task force.

“It’s exciting to be part of an integrated hospitality company. Our team works hand-in-hand with our interior designers to create guest experiences and brand continuity that instills a level of confidence and helps brands as industry leaders from day one,” said Nelson.

Jessica Cockerill in the newly created position of Account Director will facilitate strategy, process implementation, and translating client needs into creative deliverables. She applies her distinctive skill set acquired over more than a decade in healthcare marketing and digital media management to this business-critical leadership role.  Jessica’s consultancy with Saira Hospitality and the Hospitality of the Future Think Tank, a global consortium of business leaders dedicated to ensuring sustainable hospitality development, gives her a 360-degree perspective on the scope of Gettys projects.

“The opportunity to collaborate, learn and integrate with team members of varied backgrounds and expertise within the larger company is invaluable. It gives our branding team a wider view of the many puzzle pieces that contribute to a project’s success. It also allows us to offer a thoughtful and unique perspective to our clients,” shared Cockerill.

Added Andrew Fay, President of The Gettys Group: “We are thrilled to have leaders of the caliber of Koren and Jess as an integral part of our team. Both bring a unique world view, a dedication to delivering exceptional projects and a generous spirit to their work. With strong leadership in each of our practices, our integrated approach to hospitality is stronger and more impactful than ever.”