The Gettys Group Companies’s Andrew Fay and Ron Swidler Tapped for Skift’s Complete Oral History of Boutique Hotels



  • Mar 20, 2017


Global travel industry source Skift published a far-reaching piece that describes the 40+ year history of the boutique hotel industry, featuring commentary from the industry’s top executives, including The Gettys Group Companies’s President, Andrew Fay, and Principal, Ron Swidler.

“You can thank the advent of boutique hotels for many things that are now simply standard in hotels big and small, budget and luxury. Their legacy is etched in the sleek lobby bar where hotel guests and locals alike gather. You see their influence in those bustling hotel lobbies that double as co-working and co-mingling spaces. You notice it when your hotel restaurant waiter comes to take your order wearing a denim apron, instead of white gloves and a tie. You feel it the moment you step into your room and notice the careful attention to detail when it comes to design. That artfully placed vase or lamp, the statement chair in the corner,” reporter Deanna Ting writes, opening the 60,000-word piece.

This cornerstone piece of journalism helps to define our past, while looking to the future. Read the full article here.