Orchestrating a Design Concerto: The Collaborative Creation of Tempo by Hilton


When a leader in global hospitality sets out to define a new category—with 500 properties slated to open in the next five to ten years—it takes a full orchestra of expertise. The Tempo by Hilton brand was envisioned to help guests lead better lives—to be a place where thoughtful design details, energizing amenities and a within-reach price point enable them to maintain, and even enrich, their on-the-go lifestyles.

To fulfill that ambitious and exciting brand vision, Hilton’s Phil Cordell and Jennifer McCardell tapped into an expansive collection of contributors—including over 10,000 target guests who voiced their feedback and opinions in online forums and video surveys, Hilton owners, operators and investors across the U.S. and dedicated teams of internal and external hospitality specialists. Our interior design team played our part in close collaboration with NELSON, crafting spaces and details that artfully balance bespoke and brand-standard components to create a new lifestyle hospitality experience and property type.

Tempo cleverly prioritizes what is most valued to a growing segment of the market: dynamic communal spaces, a modern take on food and beverage, an elevated guest room experience, flexible and inspired meeting spaces, motivating fitness and moments of inspiration delivered through design and service.

“Our focus has been on finding thoughtful and efficient design solutions that matter most to our future target guests, the Modern Achievers,” said The Gettys Group Companies Chief Innovation Officer Ron Swidler. “And,” added The Gettys Group Companies Interior Design Principal Ben Nicholas, “we also focused on creating a brand that balances prototypical design elements with bespoke solutions that express local personality.”