Design Insider: What is the Most Extraordinary Thing Happening in the Hotel Sector Right Now?



  • Jul 13, 2023


Design Insider took the opportunity to ask leading commercial interior designs and suppliers to help celebrate the current triumphs within the sector, and asked what is the most extraordinary thing happening in the hotel sector right now?

Answered Ron Swidler, Chief Innovation Officer, The Gettys Group Companies, “‘There is an extraordinary convergence of market forces and conditions that will result in the greatest demand for hospitality design services and materials in our lifetimes. Most renovations of hotels have been postponed for the past three years as a result of the pandemic. This equates to nearly 50% of all hotels in the world requiring delayed and scheduled renovations. The capital markets which fuel these renovations will (eventually) reopen, pricing could normalize and we may all find ourselves faced with the most envious of challenges, how to do so much appealing work.”

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