Our interior design teams work passionately to create environments that drive inspiration and transcend expectations.


Spaces Speak Louder than Words

We create the future of your interiors spaces, whether Luxury & Select-Service Hotels, Casinos & Restaurants or any space in between. We work collaboratively to create distinctive experiences that express our expertise, creative instincts and local insight to deliver against the guiding principles of your brand.

Our designers work collaboratively across specialized studios, giving us a unique depth of experience to develop innovative designs for an extensive range of interiors.

Interior Design

Upscale, Luxury & Boutique Design Studios

Our Design Studios design a wide range of experiences, from Luxury & Select Service Hotels to Casinos & Restaurants and every space in between.

Gettys | BLU

Gettys | BLU creates unique, design-driven guest experiences throughout the Middle East.