Visun Villas Resort

Million Dollar Views


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The Gettys Group worked with SB Architects to design a new construction in Haikou, Hainan Island, China. The three-story duplex consists of 54 detached coastal cottages which can be leased as guest units. Inspired by the breathtaking views and vistas offered by this waterfront location, the Visuan Villas harken back to playful summer holidays.


Living Amid Meandering Waterways

The Gettys Interior Design team designed the villas to be a blend of “Asia Modern,” each with its own distinct character and areas of differentiation. We set them amid meandering waterways to give each guest a waterfront experience, providing spaces that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. The residences blend masculine and feminine details through structured and soft, organic details. We created a warm yet contemporary feel, designed with local, sustainable materials that gently enhance the natural aesthetics of the region to include a modern residential design expression.

Gettys created the interior design for three show villas on two lots on the site. The show villas are casual resort spaces which use natural materials in modern and artistic ways. These villas blend warm wood textures with rich colors that create dramatic living experiences.

This project team reflected the great partnership between Gettys and SB Architects. Initially targeted to be hotel villas, these residential villas will go to market as for-sale vacation residential units catering to the Asian travel market.