The Edwin, an Autograph Collection Hotel

Bridging a Community


  • Boutique


  • Branding
  • Interior Design
  • Pulse by Gettys

The Gettys Group designed The Edwin, Autograph Collection as a new boutique hotel inspired by Edwin Thacher, who was chief engineer of the iconic Walnut Street Bridge. Set in this quaint city nestled in the mountains, Edwin’s namesake will reflect lively spirit by the connections it inspires between people and places, cultures and ideas.


Sincere Southern Hospitality

The Gettys Group Branding team studied the site, market, competition and emerging trends in the area of this city, which the ownership of the Edwin believed to be underrated and ready for a boutique hotel. Finding this to be true, we began to develop a core of complimentary values from which to draw inspiration reminescent of the setting: Southern, Sincere, Spirited and Styled. Southern to connect firm roots of southern hospitality and cuisine to modern traditions. Sincere in its earnest connection with the local community. Spirited as a way of being enlivened by the beautiful and adventurous natural surroundings. And Styled, actively energized by the art and fashion. Each of these concepts served as guiding principles for the design phase of the project and are reflected throughout the hotel and its amenity spaces. We also created a branded logo inspired by Walnut Street Bridge and its reflection of the river below.

The Pulse by Gettys team sustained a spirited local connection by curating art from local artists and designing spaces with the goal that entire community should want to visit. Creatively connecting guests to the city, site, culture and core brand concepts, the team created a first impression moment with the outdoor signage, where a sculpture of the hotel name is reflected in the water. The first floor’s gleaming, stylish lobby hangout space overlooks a bustling streetscape, and is meant to suggest a friendly relationship between the indoors and outdoors. The guestrooms are layered and luscious, romantically comfortable with an array of deliberately contrasting details both familiar and surprising. And set atop the building on the fifth floor is a balance of public and private amenities – drinks, food and a gorgeous view on the North end; fitness and private pool deck to the South, and a library and test-kitchen area connecting them together.