Interior Design Intern

Position Summary

The Interior Design Intern will work closely with project team members to successfully complete interior design projects. Parallel to their design work, they will be responsible for coordinating vendor presentations, maintaining the design library, and sharing overall duties to uphold the values and standards of The Gettys Group.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Project Participation

  • Work under the general direction of the senior team member
  • Assist in the selection of FF&E materials for design projects
  • Work with vendors to compile pricing, availability and samples of FF&E materials
  • Assist in the process of quoting and recording FF&E selections
  • Execute shipments of documents, samples and general correspondence as requested by the senior team member
  • Assist in the development of FF&E specifications, documentation and fabricating material boards as directed by the senior team member
  • Clearly communicate in written and verbal form
  • Monitor and promptly report progress on tasks and assignments

Library Organization

  • Maintain and update the filing of new materials and information while removing outdated products
  • Maintain and continually work to improve the Gettys Vendor Online Library and Mood Shot Library with other interns
  • Organize and tidy shelves, keep up with alphabetization of binders and information booklets
  • Re-organize locations if necessary, more efficient or logical
  • Keep New Products board updated with current new information
  • Keep on top of the clutter of the work tables by communicating with designers regarding projects and need for material binders, etc.
  • Stock all supplies and order replenishments as needed
  • Work with Hospitality Coordinator to replenish other supplies needed from OfficeMax, Mail Boxes Etc, FedEx, etc.
  • Return samples to the local design center
  • Order samples as requested by designers

Vendor Contacts & Appointments

  • Coordinate Vendor Appointments in your respective office Library Calendar
  • Send weekly “Vendor Appointments” e-mail to Design and Procurement, as scheduled
  • Send Invitation in Outlook to Wednesday Lunch (Send on Mondays)
  • Be available to assist vendor set-up prior to breakfast and lunch presentations
  • Notify design staff of start of above presentations
  • Assist in clean-up of above presentations

Reception Coverage

  • Share in responsibilities for staffing the front desk, greeting guests, answering phones and preparing meeting rooms for guests


Currently enrolled (in at least 3rd/Junior Year) or recently graduated from a CIDA- or NAAB-accredited program.

Required Skills:

  • Skilled in AutoCAD (current office release preferred)
  • Presentation drawing
  • Color and materials
  • Presentation board fabrication
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Google SketchUp

The Interior Design Intern will be expected to uphold all Gettys initiatives and goals, support Gettys culture and apply creativity towards all internal and external projects.

How to Apply